We have chosen to bench Zatty from the XI Esports Main Lineup.

We are grateful to Zatty for helping our Academy team when they needed it the most last season. However, after a lot of practices and matches on the Main lineup we are sorry to say that the coalition and chemistry in the team have not been up to the standard we wish to have in XI Esports. Therefore, the decision to bench Zatty has been made by the team.

As a replacement we are happy to announce the signing of Vaegten to the roster! This means we rotate a bit in the roles on the team with Wezx taking the AWP and Pihl taking on the IGL role.

We are working hard behind the lineups to make sure everything is working and is up to standard when we start playing Powerligaen. We move into ESEA matches with Vaegten already this week and hope to continue our winning streak.

Thank you for everything, Zatty. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.